As shares in a credit union are a smarter way to save When saving with us you become a member and a shareholder.


Our rates are fair and reasonable, and every loan comes with free life insurance ensuring complete peace of mind.


We offer all our eligible members free life savings insurance and loan protection insurance

Corporate Membership

For businesses rather than individuals. Businesses, charities, sole traders and voluntary groups can become corporate members. Sums on deposit will attract the same dividend as individual members. By depositing funds with us rather than a high street bank you can rest assured your money is helping the local community.

Engage Card.

As a member you can use our engage card to pay bills, draw cash, and make purchases from your credit union account in shops and on line.

Engage Smartcash

Card for Juniors. You can use our smartcash card to draw cash, and to make purchases in shops and on line.


Liverpool Community Credit Union is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority & the Prudential Regulation Authority. FRN: 213404